Chandrayaan-2: Will Vikram send any message?

Lander Vikram (Chandrayaan-2) lander of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) lost contact with the ISRO headquarters on Saturday when it was only 2.1 kilometers from the lunar surface. The whole world was eyeing Chandrayaan-2 of India. Congratulations were received from abroad for this mission. Prayer was also done to get everything right there.

A senior ISRO official associated with the Chandrayaan-2 mission said on Saturday that the ISRO may have lost the ‘Vikram’ lander and the ‘Pragyan’ rover present in it. Earlier, when the lander was moving closer to the lunar surface, only a few minutes before the scheduled soft landing, its contact with the control center at Earth broke.

President of the Indian Space Research Center (ISRO), K Sivan said, “The Vikram lander landed in a normal way to an altitude of 2.1 km from the lunar surface. Subsequently lander has lost contact with Earth. ” A senior official closely associated with the Chandrayaan-2 mission told PTI-language, “There is no contact with the lander. It’s almost finished. There is no hope. Lander is very difficult to establish contact again.

Chandrayaan-2 mission

The 1,471 kg lander ‘Vikram’, sent under Chandrayaan-2 mission, was India’s first mission to search the moon with the help of indigenous technology. Lander name was given to the Indian space program architect Dr Vikram A Sarabhai.

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PM said, ‘Science does not fail, only experiments and efforts take place’

PM Narendra Modi encouraged the scientists and said that they should not lose their heart due to blockages. The new dawn will definitely happen. The PM told the scientists, ‘The reason for every difficulty, struggle, we have some new teaching. We have some new inventions, technologies and that determine our future success. In his address to ISRO Control Center, the PM said, ‘Science does not fail, only experiments and efforts take place’. He said, ‘We have to learn a lesson, we have to learn. We will definitely succeed. Success will be with us. Modi said, ‘We will definitely succeed. Success will also be with us in the next attempt of this mission and in every subsequent attempt.


Reaction of foreign media:

  • On the landing of Chandrayaan-2, the online version of (American magazine Wired) wrote, ‘a major setback for India’s space program, but the mission is not all over’.
  • The New York Times wrote, ‘The orbiter remains in operation, India fell a bit short of joining one of the finest clubs in the countries that have landed on the lunar surface.’
  • The British newspaper, The Guardian, in its article, wrote on the title, Communication Loses at the Last Moment in India’s Moon Landing. It was also said, ‘India is going where there will be future settlements of humans in the coming 20, 40 or 100 years’.
  • The Washington Post wrote, ‘India’s lander loses contact while attempting to land on the moon.’ The article wrote, ‘This event will increase India’s space ambitions. The US daily continued, ‘Of the 38 soft-landing attempts on the moon, only half have been successful. India hoped that its Chandrayaan-2 mission would be the fourth nation to land on the moon after the US, Russia and China.


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